“The inspiration is taken from the famous Danish fairytale ‘The Snow Queen’, where the Queen enchants the main character (boy named Kai) and sets an impossible task for him: in order to break the spell, he must use pieces of ice shards like a Chinese puzzle to form the word ‘eternity’.

The blocks here act as an adaptation of the fairytale, which are set to break the evil charms of omnipresent depression and boredom in the modern society, offering the ‘eternal’ possibilities of stacking and arranging the icicle-shaped blocks together into uplifting shapes.

Each ‘icicle’ will be designed in a way that it can hook onto another ‘icicle’ with one of its spikes. The shapes will tessellate and form a tower of glass-like ‘icicles’.”

Sofia Leover

Interior Architect

Rients Ltd.

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